February                       crafts

This month's crafts are more "obvious" than usual...  You may wish to spend some time printing out or drawing the mysteries of the Rosary... 

There are 5 Mystery pages to color in your craft bag--but it would be much more fun to read about the MYSTERY HISTORY and draw your own!

Now is the season to be Penitant...remember how the word Penance means feeling sorry for our sins and "doing something about it to fix it (like saying sorry - going to Confession - working to do only things that are pleasing to God...)        ...Well these 40 days before Easter that we call LENT - is a time to do those things BEFORE we sin--like give to the poor, pray for everyone (even those kids we don't think we like :)), give an extra call or draw an extra picture for someone in our life that might be lonely...   MAYBE bring your crafts to a local Nursing Home to cheer up some elderly people! --

Color the picture of the Rosary

--AS you say the prayers! 

It's a great way to

practice your prayers!!

Make this CHAPLET from the fuzzy wire and beads in your craft bag.  If you give it to a friend, you can both say an Our Father and ten Hail Mary's together for someone you love.  Remember YOU always have Rosary Beads with you --- your ten fingers!

Palm Sunday is in 5 weeks!!

Remember Jesus walked around telling everyone about Himself and God for three years - and the people who wanted to shush him and hang him on a cross - never did find him...   Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey - basically telling the bad guys Here I am!   All the people who already loved Him put palm branches - and even their coats--on the ground--kind of like a red carpet for movie stars....for Jesus to walk on.   This Palm Sunday, many of you are receiving your FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.  It's like you walking into Church saying Here I Am Jesus! :)   What a beautiful day that will be - I'm so excited for you!!  

Cut and paste things on to this to make it look like you!  There are little black pompoms in your bag to use as ashes :) !! As you sprinkle your "ashes" onto the glue on your head (on the picture!!), say what the priest says when he sprinkles ashes on your head for real on Ash Wednesday,..."Repent and Believe in the Gospel." "Amen."   

        To repent means to choose not to sin.

        Remember the Gospel is the first four books of the New Testament in the Bible.  They were written by the Apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  The Apostles were those twelve guys chosen by Jesus to walk around with him while he was on earth--they were the first priests.

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January Crafts


God filled the sky and the sea on the 5th day.  Draw a big 5 on a piece of paper and fill it with as many creatures as you can fit!


MOSES PARTED THE SEA by raising his staff above his head at God's command.  All the people who believed in God got to cross through WATER to get where God wanted them - safely on the other side.  The bad guys--they got swallowed up in the water just like in the story of Noah's Ark...  There's a craft page in your bag for this...check it out.



MOSES gets water from a rock when the Israelites were thirsty.  God always quenches our thirst--body and soul!

Cut half of the paper bag for the sand.  

Crumple the other half to make a rock.

Cut Moses, his staff, and the water droplets from out of your craft bag, and glue them on.  

Then read the story of Moses Exodus 17:6


This craft I figured you could make on your own with leftover tissue from last month's bag...  after NOAH and his family, and the animals, were safely on the WATER...God sent a rainbow as a promise that he would never swallow up and clean away sin like that again...  But now we know he can!!


There's a clothespin in your craft bag.  Draw a whale and Jonah, and attach.  Then read the story of Jonah and the whale in the book of Jonah.

watch the story here:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=where+in+the+bible+is+Jonah+and+the+whale%3f&&view=detail&mid=4E0F3B2A04887603457A4E0F3B2A04887603457A&&FORM=VDRVRV


Just something else to contemplate about WATER...  God could have "poof" been in the world as a human...but he chose to be born of Mary...Babies float in a sac of water in their Mom's womb's until they're born...  Hmmm...was Jesus' Holy Water?  Just thinking out loud...



Today if the Feast of The Baptism of our Lord.  It also marks the last day of Christmas.    From being placed in a water trough as an infant, to being placed in a river...Jesus shows all the power of himself as LIVING WATER for our souls.  Cut out the shell in your craft bag.  Attach the ribbons, and hang water droplets from them that you color blue like water...  Remember your baptisms by making believe you are baptising each other.  Talk about how today we renewed our Baptism promises at church...



I SO wanted to put a box of blue JELLO in everyone's craft bag--but I thought that might just be getting carried away :).  I would LOVE to see someone create this though...PETER WALKING ON WATER with Jesus.  REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR EYE ON JESUS...or you might sink into sin and need to be washed (through penance and by Jesus)...


JESUS' FIRST MIRACLE WAS WATER INTO WINE.  You can draw your own water jug and "fill" it with blue (for the stinky feet water) or purple (for the best wine) colored paper to make this craft...  I'm sharing it because I thought it was funny how they put a "downloading" bar on the jug to show the change :)) ....


JESUS WASHING THE FEET OF THE DISCIPLES.  This might be my favorite craft ever :).   Check your craft bag for the ingredients...  We didn't cover this in class today but you can see it here:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=jesus+washing+the+feet+of+the+disciples&&view=detail&mid=4BDF2714A6CD57A997114BDF2714A6CD57A99711&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Djesus%2Bwashing%2Bthe%2Bfeet%2Bof%2Bthe%2Bdisciples%26FORM%3DHDRSC3   JESUS wants us to always be humble.  We should always help and take care of each other--even the stinky dusty jobs--because no one is too fancy to do a humble thing for someone else.  




-Color The Joy Candle Pink,

-Color the Hope, Peace and Love candles Purple,

-Color the Jesus Candle White

-Color in the page with all the leaves on it in greens...

Then cut out the candles and the leaves. 

Glue them, wreath style onto the gold paper plate (if you don't have an Advent Wreath in your home, you may wish to add one candle each Sunday until Christmas).


(Notice that at the beginning of Mass, a family is invited up on the altar to light the next huge Advent candle and say a special prayer--if you want to do it with your family, ask Monsignor...)


Color in the holy family then cut them out as one piece.  Cut a piece of green paper to make Joseph's robe.  Wrap the green paper around the holy family and tape or staple the two pieces together.  You may wish to draw Joseph's hand on the front of the green paper.  Now imagine the Holy Family, huddling in the barn in the chill of the night.  God put Joseph there to protect Jesus and Mary.  If you'd like, you can hang the craft from the hole on top.


Glue the popsicle sticks in a star pattern.  When the glue dries, put some glue or paste on the top of the star and decorate with glitter or cookie sprinkles.  You can hang this craft with a string tied around the top.       

Since there was no TV back then, the most exciting thing people had to do at night was look up at the sky.  Since there were no electric lights, more stars showed up every night. People knew the patterns of the stars very well.  The star that hung over Jesus Bethlehem barn was a new and very bright star that had never shone before.  People noticed.  The three wise men travelled from very far away to reach that star...it's how they found Jesus.


Cut out as much white as you can from the middle of the nativity silhouette (hint-to cut away the smaller spaces, cut through some of the black lines-you can glue them together later...)  On a seperate white page, tear or cut tiny pieces of all different color tissue, and glue them all over the page--you're making "stained glass".   When the glue dries, put glue on the back side of the silhouette.  Lay the black silhouette of the nativity over the "stained glass" and press it down.  When that glue has dried, cut around the outside and voila--you have made a "stained glass" ornament. 

The stained glass windows in churches tell us stories.  Way back when hardly anyone owned a bible, people would be reminded of bible stories by walking around churches...   What other stories can you tell with this kind of art...? 


Color in St. Lucia.  Glue or staple on three red berries (red circles) to her wreath.  Maybe read a story about St. Lucia.

ST. NICHOLAS CRAFT:  Click the link next to the St. Nicholas craft, on the Penance tab of this website...there are several ways to make this craft...get creative.  I like to make a paper cone then cut out and add a circle face, a triangle hat, a candycane shaped staff, and some arms, and a small bag of gold.


What Do The 4 Advent Candles Represent

The Advent wreath is a popular Catholic Advent custom that originated in Germany. There are 4 Sundays in Advent. Each Sunday you add 1 more candle that you light each night. Here are what the 4 candles during Advent stand for:

First Sunday of Advent (purple): Hope

Second Sunday of Advent (purple): Peace

Third Sunday of Advent (pink): Joy

Fourth Sunday of Advent (purple): Love 

White candle in the middle for Christmas: Christ candle 

Check out this link from Catholic Icing:  All about Advent...



Check out this link from Catholic Icing:

All about St. Lucia Day

December 13th


St. Lucia wished to become a nun - but her family tried to force her to marry.  Of course she fought not to marry the guy, and he had her tortured for being a Christian--they thought they damaged her eyes with the torture, but she could still see.  She was really devoted to God, and God restored her eyes.  In her life, she brought food to the poor at night...  All this makes her the Saint of Light.  Her feast day is celebrated all over the world, but Sweden, because it has such a dark winter, and her feast day used to land on the day in Sweden that has the shortest amount of daylight, celebrates the Saint of Light in a big way.  One tradition is that the youngest daughter of each family, wakes the rest of the family on Christmas morning, wearing a wreath of Advent candles on her head, and carrying a tray of sweet rolls.   Do you have any traditions having to do with saints, that your family celebrates?

Check out these links for the real story of St. Nicholas, and why you might consider putting your shoes on the hearth, Sunday December 6th...





10 Commandments Craft:  First sing the 10 Commandments song we learned in class (the video is on this page)...then trace, or paint and stamp your hands on a big piece of paper.  Cut out the ten commandment squares in this month's folder and glue one to each finger (in order 1-10).  Cut out and glue on the Always Love part where you think it should go.  Then practice your 10 Commandment song again :).

Penance Heart Craft:

Remember how Penance - the giving of the sins you feel bad about to Jesus in confession - wipes your soul clean.  Write your sins on the red heart in your folder...be honest, be thorough!  Then write "Jesus forgives me--my soul is clean!" on the white heart.  Staple, Tape, or Glue only the top of the red heart to the white heart.  Flip the red heart up so you can see the clean white heart.  Say a prayer of thanks to

Jesus who loves you!!

Pretzel Craft:

Give yourself a hug - and a pretzel - but the pretzel in your folder isn't to eat...it's to dip into chocolate, then glue to paper with the (in your folder) reminder of what the pretzel was invented for....penance!

Finger Puzzle Craft:

Download the template from the button below, onto paper that you like.  Use the directions in that link to fold it into a finger puzzle - Have fun exploring it with your family and friends!

An ADVENT POSTER is in your folder - FULL OF CRAFTS:

An early Merry Christmas to all since Advent will begin before we meet next on December 13th

Here's inspiration for a Faith Box...

Decorate any shoebox-sized box, any way you'd like.  My favorite is using mosaic to make your own "stained glass" (with squares of colored paper/colored tissue/or even beads or painted dry pasta!)   Place in the box your sacramentals (holy card's, little statues or gifts you may have from your first holy communion), drawings of faith, prayer requests, bible verses, prayers that you've copied onto paper...   Then keep the box somewhere in your room.  Whether you put it on your desk, or under your bed doesn't matter --just that you know it's there--and when you see it or think about it, you smile, say a prayer, talk to God, remember being at Mass with your family (which includes Jesus, Mary, and all of Heaven!) 


Pray when you craft! --It's a great way to just spend time with God!!


NOTE:  Some people learn the 10 Commandments in a little different order, like the craft here - with slightly different wording.  As second graders, as we first learn the Commandments, the song we learned in class is a quick reference to help us recall our sins for Confession...  Remember to read them in your Bible to get the full paragraphs of what God is expecting of us all.  You'll understand the full Commandments more fully as you get older--have patience with yourself as you grow in faith.

In the Bible, people tried to trick Jesus by asking him what the most important Commandment was...  Jesus didn't pick one of the 10--he said "Love one another as I love you and treat others as you wish to be treated..."  Probably because if we love everyone, we wouldn't think to lie, cheat, steal etc. from them...   So Love. Always Love...God is love!



Spread the Gospel around the World

(if you were in class today, the pieces are in your folder)


Trinity Shamrocks (pieces in your folder)

Candy Corn teaches the Trinity


Pumpkin Carving With God

world craft.jpg