Penance/Holy Communion Classes have ended for the season and will begin again in the Fall.  Family Faith Fun Facts Zoom Book Club,

and Older-Kid Lessons have ended as well. 

BOTH CLASSES - all children ages K-14 - will meet after each Sunday Mass,

downstairs at St. Anthony's for 


Where we'll learn some Fun Faith Facts as a Faith-Family!

Parents, please stay with your child to ensure that they keep their mask on, their hands sanitized, and their selves distanced :).  In the nice weather, you might see a sign downstairs designating that we're doing the class outside--come join us!

    right after the 10:45 Mass (about 11:20-11:50)

Meeting ID: 


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The Time to Start a JESSE TREE is not during the Christmas Season.   If we make ornaments all year long based on the bible stories we learn, we'll have a set by Christmas...the busy Christmas Season is the time to pray, enjoy, and reflect on Jesus' life depicted in our ornaments, as we once again "start at the beginning" - Jesus' birth.  

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 Older Kids...

Hopefully your interest has been piqued with the many facets of our faith that we've been contemplating...


We focused on New Testament Stories for a few weeks.... 

We learned some Secrets of the Eucharist from Vinny Flynn's book 7 Secrets of the Eucharist

We learned a bit about how to look at Jesus'  Beatitudes from several directions using the book BEATITALES...

The same author, in another of his books, Jared Dees, shared angles of the 10 Commandments in a modern way, that perhaps we hadn't contemplated....

Last week we focused on some Apologetics (how to know and explain our faith) using Vinny Flynn's "A Minute in the Church".

Tonight we'll learn about today's Feast Day: The Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle.  We'll use the book The Year & Our Children to help us recall the story of St. Paul - as well as what we can do (in addition to going to Mass) for this feast day.

See you in

Zoom class !

--"Miss" Joyce

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Grades 1-2-3

grades 4-5-6

  • Loyola Press’ Catholic Teens page includes resources on Catholic teachings, making moral choices, religious art, sacraments, scripture, and social justice.

  • McGrath Institute has developed a Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts toolkit, using the lives of the saints for a guided reflection and activity.

  • Teaching The Saints is a monthly workbook from the McGrath Institute that highlights the unique ways God calls Catholic youth to use their gifts to serve the Church and world.

  • RCL Benziger has a page full of free downloadable activities, prayers and resources perfect for the Catholic home. 

  • Loyola Press’ Praying as a Family collection includes prayers for families to use. 

  • Loyola Press offers parents a guide to reading Scripture with your family in English and en Espanol



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ZOOM Lesson # 1 - ANGELS

GRADES 1-2-3

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Here's a coloring book you can get on Amazon:

Choirs of Angels Coloring Book (Holy Imitation) Paperback –

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GRADES 4-5-6

Who here knows that we all have a Guardian Angel?   For those of you that don’t know...God thinks your soul is SO precious--that He gave you Guardian Angel--a protector/helper to help YOU guard your soul against the danger of sin.   Do you know you can pray to your Guardian Angel for help?  Your Guardian Angel is super smart--he knows lots of things you might not know about God, and love, and sin being the opposite of love.  So talk to him!  Have you ever been tempted to take another cookie--right after your Mom said not to?  Did you ever notice a “something” that pulled you away from the cookies when your head (and your stomach) reeealy wanted them?  Those’re the kind of things your Guardian Angel does for you.  He may whisper good ideas into your ear...but then it’s up to you to notice those suggestions and little pulls that pop into your mind--and cooperate with that grace-- and do the right thing.  The Guardian Angel prayer is posted on this page.  We usually teach that prayer to young kids to get them used to praying and talking to their Guardian Angels...but the point of that prayer is to start a relationship that keeps you praying to them when you’re older--a prayer poem like that is great--but it’s just a start.  Tonight I hope you take some time to sit with your Guardian Angel--re-introduce yourself--start a conversation.  Remember, God put the two of you together for a reason.  


If you go to Mass--and I hope you do--you probably already know the prayer to St. Michael.  We say it sometimes at the end of Mass.   It’s a great prayer to memorize for when you’re scared.  Do you know that St. Michael is God’s warrior?!  Do you  know that as a Catholic - (that’s the name of our religion, you and I are Roman Catholic’s), we should never be afraid of anything.  

If you had a pillow or stuffed animal for every comforting, wonderful person who loves you and is looking out for you,  you’d be sitting in a pool of pillows!

You have a Guardian Angel watching out for your soul, you have your parent’s, family, and friends watching out for you on earth, and you have your whole family in Heaven watching out for you from Heaven.  Jesus loves you, God is the Father who made you, and Mary is your heavenly Mother.  You have tons of “Aunts/Uncles/Cousins/” Friends called Saints.  And the Holy Spirit is ready to hug you, fill you up with the love of God...and you have a Parish Family here at church, who are praying for you.  Gosh, that’s a lot of love surrounding you.  So don’t be scared of anything--go talk to someone on earth or in Heaven, and feel secure and safe in that you are never, ever, alone--and you have countless people who love you.  


St. Michael, defend us in battle, 

be our defence against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  

May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the Heavenly Host,

By the power of God, 

thrust into hell satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.


Gosh that prayer has a real serious tone, right!  So do you know that who we call the devil, really is an an angel that turned his back on God.  True.  God made the angels before He made man.  When the angels heard that God was sending himself to earth to be born of Mary--to become human, a group of angels got mad/jealous/rude to God, and told Him that if He was to “become” anything, it should be an Angel, not a human.  Could you imagine mouthing off to God Himself like that--terrible!  I’m thinkin’ what’s the point to telling God, who made us all out of love, what to do!!  Anyway, the “head” Angel got some other bad Angels to think like him...they told God off...and they disappeared to the edge of the universe, turning their back on God forever.  God let them--because Angels and man have free will to sin.  The devil continues to be mad at God...he tries to mess up the world, and man…  We, as Christians trust that God will never let evil take over--but gosh, evil can be stubborn and mean.  St. Michael, the Archangel, is God’s head warrior.  He fights battles all the time.  He’s a soldier out in the universe fighting battles we never see.  So pray to St. Michael!  He’s doing a huge job keeping us safe.  With God in charge, and his choirs of Angels as silent warriors, we have nothing to worry about at all.  Well...we have to make sure that we, ourselves, listen to the good messages of God, and our Guardian Angels...that’s our part in the battle of good versus evil.