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Growing In Faith Together

a FAMILY Faith Formation Program





Come HELP SOLVE the 


Join the Parish fun!!   

Sunday February 26th

following St. Thomas' 9:15 AM Mass



One SUNDAY per month GIFT events:


November 20 - MYSTERIES Event

December 18  - JESUS' BIRTHDAY Party


February 26 - Prayer Puzzle

      March 26 - All Things Mary     

       April 23 - Wrap-Up Event      

One WEDNESDAY per month GIFT


grade K-2 Storytime 6:15-6:30 PM

grade 2-3 First Reconcilliation (classes over)

grade 6-8 Encounter class 7-7:45 PM

October 26

November 16

December 14

January 11

February 15

March 15

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Sunday ,  February 26th

GIFT Event

Come Help Solve The Prayer Puzzle!

At this months Event,  we'll get right into solving the Puzzle of Prayer - What/Why/How to pray and which type of prayer fits into what type of life situation... 

Come Play! Puzzle! and Pray With Us!

You're not gonna want to miss it! 

What Prayer Traditions do you guys have in your home ?

As Always, there'll be


to Inspire Catholic Family Traditions

Join the Parish fun!!   

Sunday February 19th


following St. Thomas'

9:15 AM Mass - Goshen


Here are several choices for videos

that could help with saying the Rosary. 

But there are endless choices on the internet, on TV (try EWTN), in books etc.   

Find one that speaks to you!

Hi Parents!

Here at is your touchpoint for all classes,

and is where all links will be posted, homework will be listed etc.

The Google Meet Link for class:




The following children are in grades Pre-K - 3

and are invited to 

Storytime from 6:15-6:30

I will read a Catholic Storybook, and

talk about the nugget of our faith it discussed.

Next one is Wednesday, February 15th

(more dates on this page)

See you there:

Charlotte      James C.     Jackson

Caleb           Finley           Olivia

Ilias              James F.       Clara

Ben               Freya            Joseph

Matthew        Eloise           (and anyone who registered late :))

Daniel            Emma          Kiernan


The following children are in

grades 5 - 8 and are invited to the 

Encounter Program, 7-7:45 PM

next Google-Meet class is Wed.,  Feb 15th

the fast-paced 8-class series designed by the famous (and funny) Mart Hart.  It is written for Middle-Schoolers, but only you know where your child is faith wise...  Some children in 4th and 5th grade find him (and the class) interesting, and so feel free to sit in.  If your 4th and 5th grader feels it's "not for them," just click out of the link...  But if they're enjoying it, welcome!  Feel free to just listen without homework. 

Children in grades 6-8, stop by the confession room at St. Anthony's anytime (the church is always unlocked), and pick up the workbook that goes with the series (it's on the windowsill).  

Madeline           Savannah        Mary              Gift

Eloise                Andrew            Jack               Natalia

Attie                  Henry               Thomas          Allison

Cian                  Sophia             Samantha       Nicholas

Macee               A.J.                  James             Ben

Christopher       Joseph             Hannah  

(and anyone who registered late :))






If you're here looking for what's new for

Faith-Family Fun Facts classes...  Well, everything will be new!  We're now calling Saint Louis de Montfort Faith Formation:

Growing In Faith Together (GIFT)

St. Anthony's,

St. Thomas, and Our Lady of Grace churches are merging Faith Formation...and gosh do we have some exciting things planned!   


 Classes and FUN events will be for all ages


(If your child attends classes for First Holy Communion or Confirmation,

they may also attend GIFT classes)

Age K-grade 2:

One Sunday a Month Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) event at St. Thomas' for the whole family  (see this page for list of 6 monthly events).


One Wednesday a Month Storytime Google-Meet class

Grades 2-3:

Kids in these grades are typically also in a sacrament class like First Reconcilliation...  They and their families are  welcome at, and encouraged to attend monthly GIFT events...

One Sunday a Month Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) event at St. Thomas' for the whole family and 

Two Monthly First Reconciliation Classes  

One is a Sunday class once a month at St. Anthony's,

One is a Wednesday monthly Google-Meet class 

utilizing Blessed by Dynamic Catholic

Grades 4-5:

Attend the One Sunday a Month 

Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) event at St. Thomas' It's for the whole family.  There'll be snacks, and learning, and lots of fun...


Monthly  fun Videos posted here


If they wish, children in grades 4 and 5 may try listening in on Encounter classes, and/or watch the videos/do the workbooks on their own.  We have a few in these grades who are enjoying Encounter -- click the red link on the Home page, set up an account (it's free), and begin to listen to Mark Hart from Ascension Press.  He's funny!

Grades 6-8:

One Sunday a Month Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) event at St. Thomas' for the whole family and 

One Wednesday evening per month 6:30-7:15 PM

(dates posted here on

 45-minute Google-Meet lesson in tandem with ENCOUNTER by Ascension Press.

Grades 9 +:


Contact Cate Corwin

Details to be posted

on Confirmation Tab (above).

One Sunday a Month Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) event at St. Thomas' for the whole family and 

One Monthly Confirmation Class              at St. Thomas.  Contact Cate Corwin for details.


No matter what class...All Assignments will be Posted Here on



Whatever your child's age,

what matters most is growing their faith.  


Our class goals will be the same for all ages--

to offer and remind the children

--that Jesus loves them,

--Catholic life is awesome and fulfilling,

--and that learning about their faith is an

   interesting & fun journey...  

No "turn to page seven and read" type classes here.  Our classes will offer intriguing facts, conversations to challenge their faith, and offer ways to season their days with meaningful faith-building opportunities. 

Our Catholic Faith is NOT BORING! 

                           So neither are our classes! 

                   SEE YOU AT REGISTRATION !! 

                                       --"Miss" Joyce

                                      and Mrs. Corwin


   The Rosary


MASS !!!

MARY !!!


The Time to Start a JESSE TREE is before the Christmas Season.   If we make ornaments all year long based on the bible stories we learn, we'll have a set by Christmas...the busy Christmas Season is the time to pray, enjoy, and reflect on Jesus' life depicted in our ornaments, as we once again "start at the beginning" - Jesus' birth.  

Check out Catholic Sprouts

for this



Jesus Tree According to JOHN: POSTER AND STICKERS – Catholic Sprouts

Russell Jesse Tree.jpg
Jesse tree before & after.jpg

Grades 1-2-3

grades 4-5-6

  • RCL Benziger has a page full of free downloadable activities, prayers and resources perfect for the Catholic home. 

  • Loyola Press’ Praying as a Family collection includes prayers for families to use. 

  • Loyola Press offers parents a guide to reading Scripture with your family in English and en Espanol

  • Loyola Press’ Catholic Teens page includes resources on Catholic teachings, making moral choices, religious art, sacraments, scripture, and social justice.

  • McGrath Institute has developed a Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts toolkit, using the lives of the saints for a guided reflection and activity.

  • Teaching The Saints is a monthly workbook from the McGrath Institute that highlights the unique ways God calls Catholic youth to use their gifts to serve the Church and world.


Angel craft grades 1-2-3.jpg
Angel Craft - grades 1-2-3.jpg

Here's a coloring book you can get on Amazon:

Choirs of Angels Coloring Book (Holy Imitation) Paperback –

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guardian angel prayer pre k.jpg
Angel craft pre K.jpg
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