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Faith-Family Fun Facts classes are for all ages.   

Whatever your child's age,

what matters most is growing their faith.  


6:30-6:45 PM STORYTIME: grades PRE-K - 3rd

6:45-7:15 PM LESSON: grades 4 - 7 +

(If your child attends classes for First Holy Communion or Confirmation, they may also attend these Faith-Family Fun Facts Zooms.)


No matter what age, our goal will be the same--to offer the children of our Faith Family lots of Fun Facts to remind them

--that Jesus loves them,

--Catholic life is awesome and fulfilling,

--and that learning about their faith is an

   interesting & fun journey...  

No "turn to page seven and read" type classes here.  Our zoom classes will offer intriguing facts, conversations to challenge their faith, and offer ways to season their days with meaningful faith-building opportunities. 

Our Catholic Faith is NOT BORING! 

                           So neither is our class! 


Each week we'll talk about something new:

This year we'll notice how God uses Nature

to explain the Liturgical Year...

and how we can grow in our own faith

by noticing the Church's Liturgical Year.

These are quick - to the point discussions...  

Each week there'll be something else

within our Catholic Faith

to contemplate. 


Register below by clicking the Registration Form oval waaay at the bottom of this page. 

                                 SEE YOU IN CLASS!! 

                                       --"Miss" Joyce

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  • Eeek Halloween week!

  • Speaking of evil--and ghools and

  • creepy things, whether you're giving out candy

  • at the door,or wearing a costume to collect candy,

  • you should know WHY you are doing that.

  • Does anyone know what Halloween is; why do we celebrate it?                                          HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31



    Not everyone knows this, but it derives from a HOLY DAY.

    Hallow means "HOLY"…………een is short for "EVENING"

    Halloween is the EVE of a HOLY DAY…

  • …Halloween is the night before, (the eve' of) ALL SAINTS DAY--a Day that honors all Saints. We pray FOR Saints, and TO them. We THANK God for them. We tell them that we are THANKFUL FOR THEM.
  • The day, after Halloween is ALL SOULS DAY. It is the day that we pray FOR the Holy Dead in Purgatory. Do not pray TO a soul who is not designated a saint. Do NOT presume you know who is in heaven, purgatory or hell !
  • Purgatory is the place a soul, worthy of getting into Heaven, gets a chance to have their souls scrubbed clean of:

  • original sin (from Adam and Eve),

  • and any venial sins (the little ones) - by the way, those get washed away when you attend (and participate) in Mass...

  • and any mortal sins (the ones where you turned away from God), that you didn't purge in  life Confession.

  • Purgatory's like God's carwash for your soul.  Because nothing unclean gets into Heaven, some people who sinned only a little, --they get a quick rinse. But some souls have a lot

    of sins stuck to their soul. So some spend more time scrubbing :) ...like going to Mass, going to confession, and prayer!

  • Praying for the dead, especially on All Souls Day, takes time off their purgatory time. Wow, I would want someone to pray for my soul so that I could get to heaven quicker! The thing is, years ago people would pray for the dead all the time. Nowadays, people are praying less, and there are less people praying. Holy Souls need our prayers more than ever.

  • So back to Halloween…

    In Ireland and England, more than 1000 years ago, it was a common custom that Christians came together on the Eve of the Feast of Everything Holy (SAINTS), to ask for God's Blessing and Protection from the evil in the world. Often they would dress in costumes of saints and evil spirits and act out the battle of good and evil around bonfires. People do similar things today --only without knowing WHY. Now you know.


(Visit RCLBenziger.com for more.)

All consecrated persons (saints and blessed's...), who do not have a celebration of their own in the liturgical calendar are venerated, or honored. This celebration, on November 1st, is called All Saints Day.  Consecrated means the Church has designated them to be a saint.  We celebrate the Feast Day (day they died) of saints all year (like St. Patrick's Day etc.), but with just 365 Days in a Calendar, and 1000's of Saints...we don't tend to remember them all.  So All Saints Day is a tradition instituted in honor of all the saints of the Church, known and unknown. According to Pope Urban IV, this feast was to make up for any feast that might have been missing for these holy people.


The history of All Saints Day goes back to Pope Gregory III, who consecrated a chapel in Saint Peter’s Basilica (at the Vatican) to all saints on November 1. Later, in the ninth century, Pope Gregory IV extended the celebration to the whole Church. 

This date is a holiday, a day off from work in some countries, and a holy day of obligation for Catholics. 

A Holy Day of Obligation means that, as Catholics, we should attend Mass on that day.

The following activity will help children understand and celebrate All Saints Day.

Race of Virtues: 

Seven stations are placed on a table, each with a sign and with the materials necessary for the game. 

Each child will visit each of the stations. Two adults are needed to coordinate this activity, one who keeps time (if this is desired, the child who finishes first, wins) and the other one to set up the station for the next child. 

The stations are as follows: 

• Feed the hungry like Saint Elizabeth of Hungary: You will need a basket and a bag with several loaves of bread. The child should transfer the loaves one by one from the bag to the basket. 

• Build a church like Saint Francis: Place large wooden blocks, interlocking blocks, or boxes for the child to build a tower. 

• Pray like Saint Cyprian: The child will pray for all those who are present and for their deceased relatives. (This could be an Our Father, a Hail Mary, etc.) 

• Clothe the naked like Saint Martin of Tours: Place a doll for the child to dress or wrap in a blanket. 

• Give drink to the thirsty like Saint Mother Teresa: Place a pitcher or a large water bottle and an empty glass for the child to fill with water.

• Help the poor like Saint Nicholas: Leave several coins of different amounts and a sock. The child will place the coins in the sock.

• Evangelize like Saint Patrick: Provide a clover for the child to color. Above the clover, have the child write Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Triune and One God. (You may want to adjust the wording for younger children.) You can also make a clover puzzle for the child to put together.


The Rosary

The Time to Start a JESSE TREE is not during the Christmas Season.   If we make ornaments all year long based on the bible stories we learn, we'll have a set by Christmas...the busy Christmas Season is the time to pray, enjoy, and reflect on Jesus' life depicted in our ornaments, as we once again "start at the beginning" - Jesus' birth.  

Russell Jesse Tree.jpg
Jesse tree before & after.jpg



SAINTS  The Communion of Saints.   Y'ever here that said at Mass and wonder "Where are the saints communing...and why?"   Do you realize that you are called to be a saint?   Do you realize that you have a talent, a special gift that God has bestowed upon you-- and have been given the blessing of being part of a community, where you are supposed to use that talent?  You are part of groups of people--home, school, church, neighborhood...and you have a reason and purpose for being there.  You are connected to these groups for a reason.  No--I don't know the reason.  And chances are, at your age, you didn't even know you had a gift, and that you should be unwrapping it to find out what it is...  Yet there it is--you are special in some special way--and have to figure it out :) .


One way to help you "figure out you" is to read about the saints.  God gave each of the saints we pray to a niche,--a specialty--a unique life story that touched and bettered other's lives.  The saints are examples to us of how focusing on God, and growing our abilities, benefits everyone (and honors God).  And since we're all called to be saints, hanging out with each other in our various communities, each learning how to be the best version of ourselves, together, helps us all along.  You may have gotten a "book of saints" as a little kid--and you might be thinking that learning about saints is for "kids".  Ponder this then--most saints became the saints we read about...as adults.  


Tonight we wet our appetite to learn about saints.  The liturgical calendar is filled with the feast days of saints.  Search for them to read the details of their fascinating stories...Saint Nicholas threw those bags of coins in his neighbor's chimney to save the guys' daughters from becoming debt slaves.  Saint Francis, even though he rushed around and got a lot done each day, grew a calmness of spirit where animals drew safely to him.  Saint Modomnoc brought his boat back to shore to explain to the bees that they couldn't go with him on his journey.   St. Lucy--when she didn't do what she was told, and stayed obedient to God, they poked her eyes out.  But she could still see!  St. Clare held up the monstrance with Jesus in the eucharist, and the enemy army never entered her castle: The bad guys literally just turned and left.   St. Anthony of Padua saw the child Jesus (years after Jesus died on the cross)...  St. Padre Pio had the gift of bi-location.  Now go write your story, you saint you.  Focus on God--and watch your superpowers grow.  

Grades 1-2-3


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Angel craft pre K.jpg

ZOOM Lesson # 1 - ANGELS

GRADES 1-2-3

Angel craft grades 1-2-3.jpg
Angel Craft - grades 1-2-3.jpg

Here's a coloring book you can get on Amazon:

Choirs of Angels Coloring Book (Holy Imitation) Paperback –

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grades 4-5-6

  • Loyola Press’ Catholic Teens page includes resources on Catholic teachings, making moral choices, religious art, sacraments, scripture, and social justice.

  • McGrath Institute has developed a Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts toolkit, using the lives of the saints for a guided reflection and activity.

  • Teaching The Saints is a monthly workbook from the McGrath Institute that highlights the unique ways God calls Catholic youth to use their gifts to serve the Church and world.

  • RCL Benziger has a page full of free downloadable activities, prayers and resources perfect for the Catholic home. 

  • Loyola Press’ Praying as a Family collection includes prayers for families to use. 

  • Loyola Press offers parents a guide to reading Scripture with your family in English and en Espanol



GRADES 4-5-6

Who here knows that we all have a Guardian Angel?   For those of you that don’t know...God thinks your soul is SO precious--that He gave you Guardian Angel--a protector/helper to help YOU guard your soul against the danger of sin.   Do you know you can pray to your Guardian Angel for help?  Your Guardian Angel is super smart--he knows lots of things you might not know about God, and love, and sin being the opposite of love.  So talk to him!  Have you ever been tempted to take another cookie--right after your Mom said not to?  Did you ever notice a “something” that pulled you away from the cookies when your head (and your stomach) reeealy wanted them?  Those’re the kind of things your Guardian Angel does for you.  He may whisper good ideas into your ear...but then it’s up to you to notice those suggestions and little pulls that pop into your mind--and cooperate with that grace-- and do the right thing.  The Guardian Angel prayer is posted on this page.  We usually teach that prayer to young kids to get them used to praying and talking to their Guardian Angels...but the point of that prayer is to start a relationship that keeps you praying to them when you’re older--a prayer poem like that is great--but it’s just a start.  Tonight I hope you take some time to sit with your Guardian Angel--re-introduce yourself--start a conversation.  Remember, God put the two of you together for a reason.  


If you go to Mass--and I hope you do--you probably already know the prayer to St. Michael.  We say it sometimes at the end of Mass.   It’s a great prayer to memorize for when you’re scared.  Do you know that St. Michael is God’s warrior?!  Do you  know that as a Catholic - (that’s the name of our religion, you and I are Roman Catholic’s), we should never be afraid of anything.  

If you had a pillow or stuffed animal for every comforting, wonderful person who loves you and is looking out for you,  you’d be sitting in a pool of pillows!

You have a Guardian Angel watching out for your soul, you have your parent’s, family, and friends watching out for you on earth, and you have your whole family in Heaven watching out for you from Heaven.  Jesus loves you, God is the Father who made you, and Mary is your heavenly Mother.  You have tons of “Aunts/Uncles/Cousins/” Friends called Saints.  And the Holy Spirit is ready to hug you, fill you up with the love of God...and you have a Parish Family here at church, who are praying for you.  Gosh, that’s a lot of love surrounding you.  So don’t be scared of anything--go talk to someone on earth or in Heaven, and feel secure and safe in that you are never, ever, alone--and you have countless people who love you.  


St. Michael, defend us in battle, 

be our defence against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  

May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the Heavenly Host,

By the power of God, 

thrust into hell satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.


Gosh that prayer has a real serious tone, right!  So do you know that who we call the devil, really is an an angel that turned his back on God.  True.  God made the angels before He made man.  When the angels heard that God was sending himself to earth to be born of Mary--to become human, a group of angels got mad/jealous/rude to God, and told Him that if He was to “become” anything, it should be an Angel, not a human.  Could you imagine mouthing off to God Himself like that--terrible!  I’m thinkin’ what’s the point to telling God, who made us all out of love, what to do!!  Anyway, the “head” Angel got some other bad Angels to think like him...they told God off...and they disappeared to the edge of the universe, turning their back on God forever.  God let them--because Angels and man have free will to sin.  The devil continues to be mad at God...he tries to mess up the world, and man…  We, as Christians trust that God will never let evil take over--but gosh, evil can be stubborn and mean.  St. Michael, the Archangel, is God’s head warrior.  He fights battles all the time.  He’s a soldier out in the universe fighting battles we never see.  So pray to St. Michael!  He’s doing a huge job keeping us safe.  With God in charge, and his choirs of Angels as silent warriors, we have nothing to worry about at all.  Well...we have to make sure that we, ourselves, listen to the good messages of God, and our Guardian Angels...that’s our part in the battle of good versus evil.