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Singing the 10 Commandments song is a quick easy way to remember your you are preparing for Penance...or if you "freeze" and forget your sins when you're in Confession...

Remember there is SO much more to the 10 Commandments--we'll learn about the fullness of them in the older grades...


Oh My God

Church on Sunday

Mom and Daddy

Do Not Murder

Love My Marriage

# 7, Do Not Steal

Do Not Lie

Don't Be Jealous of the Others

Or Their Stuff

But Always Love, Always Love

God is Love



Do you put God First in your life?

Or video games, or sports...?

Oh My God

Did you say "Oh My God" casually?  Does the God of the universe deserve his name to be in a sentence about a You-tube "Oh my God, that one was SO funny!"  

Church on Sunday

Ask to Go to Mass to be with Jesus.

If your family has a reason for not taking you, God knows kids can't drive--so when that happens, you should spend some special time with God on Sunday...ask to watch Mass online, and pray - talk to Jesus - He loves you!

Mom and Daddy

Did you respect and obey your parents? ...Always...?

Do Not Murder

Did you hurt peoples' feelings?  Were you mean to someone or something?

Love My Marriage

Did you respect marriage by respecting your parents' relationship?  Be patient when they are having a conversation, or need some privacy...

#7 Do Not Steal

Did you ever take something that didn't belong to you?  I hope not.

Do Not Lie

Did you ever say something that's not true? ....Even when you were asked if you did a chore...?

Don't Be Jealous of the Others

Have you ever been jealous of someone?

Or Their Stuff

Have you ever been jealous that someone has something and you don't...?

But Always Love

Always Love

Have you loved as much as you could?

God is Love!

And always remember--no matter WHAT you've done, God Loves You more than anyone!   


Everyone EVERYONE sins.  Penance helps us keep the sin weeds  out of our life garden.   

Keep praying to the Holy Spirit.  He'll help you to remember your sins, and urge you to go to Confession...and fill you with the Graces and Love you need to do better and better every day.

Hi Parents!

First-Reconciliation Classes are over.

For those that did not make the LAST

First Reconciliation Class on Feb 15th, 

please e-mail me and I will set up a link

on an alternate evening or weekend 

- or feel free to call me directly (860) 485-1247.


The next GIFT Event - The Prayer Puzzle,

is Sunday February 26 - 

I will be available before and after the Feb. 26th Event to meet with parents to discuss and answer questions regarding your child's

First Reconciliation,

Saturday, March 11th, Noon,

at St. Anthony's.

As always, feel free to call me at (860) 485-1247

with any questions.    - "Miss" Joyce


Here at is your touchpoint for all classes, and is where all links will be posted, homework will be listed etc.

3 Components to class:

Once a month Sunday class at St. Anthony's

Once a month Wednesday Google-Meet class

Once a month GIFT Event at St. Thomas


Dear Parents,


Congratulations to your family as your child begins preparation for their second sacrament,

First Reconciliation!


Your go-to for all classes will be here on

All class dates and times, google-meet/zoom links, assignments, information for classes missed, and supplemental opportunities for learning and fun will be posted here.


Two classes per month for

First Reconciliation:

(See this page for dates)

One is a Sunday in-person class, upstairs, at St. Anthony of Padua Church, Litchfield.

One is a Wednesday Google-Meet class.

- AND - 

Your child – as well as your whole family - is also welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly GIFT (Growing In Faith Together) event at St. Thomas of Villanova church in Goshen.

These monthly events will teach nuggets of faith within a relaxed atmosphere of fun, fellowship, and snacks, and is an integral part of forming your child's faith within their/your/our Parish Family. Each event will have a theme—this month we'll get right into solving the Puzzle of Prayer - how to pray and which type of prayer fits into what type of life situation...  'Right after the 9:15 Mass at St. Thomas', February 26th – You're not gonna want to miss it!  What Prayer Traditions do you guys have in your home ?!


This tab lists the dates of Reconciliation classes through the Spring. Your child's First Reconciliation will be during Lent, 2023. Next Fall, First Holy Communion classes begin--First Holy Communions will be scheduled during the Easter Season, 2024.

Always feel welcome to call me with feedback and questions.  

See you in class!

Joyce Crandley

(860) 485-1247

To Register your child for the First Reconcilliation/First Holy Communion 2-year program

Call Joyce Crandley (860) 485-1247


Each Monthly Sunday

St. Anthony's class:  

Bring your crafts to share...

(and take home the next month's craft bag)


----------------------------------------------Each Monthly Wed.    Google-Meet class:

Be ready to talk about

the next Session

from your BLESSED Workbook and

have Watched that Session's

BLESSED Videos                    (Click on the red

link on this tab to see them.)

(six sessions in the book =

6 classes


Here is the link to the craft tab

with recipes

for the craft ingredients you received in class

7 Virtues that Conquer Sins


HUMBLENESS conquers Pride

Know God Loves You

I won't brag about what I did--Jesus (and my parents) know what I've done well...and that's enough...

KINDNESS conquers Envy

Be Kind - Don't be Jealous

I'll be happy for others instead of wishing for something I don't have--I will shine God's love instead of reflect my own wants...

DILIGENCE conquers Sloth

Do your best

Before I'm asked, I'll clean up...


TEMPORANCE conquers                                                   Gluttony

Take Only What You Need

I want to take the last cupcake but I've had a few and will save the biggest for Daddy...

CHASTITY conquers Lust

Say no to Desire

I want to eat all the candy

But I should keep the body God gave me healthy...

GENEROSITY conquers Greed

Be Giving

It's boring visiting my old Aunts house...but I love her and making her happy while I'm there-pleases God.

PATIENCE conquers Anger

Deal with Badness With Love

I'll remember to put other's first - and cheer up grouchy people with a smile and being thoughtful.

Our_Father_Prayer (1).jpg


Once a month 45-minute in-person Class

upstairs in St. Anthony of Padua church, Litchfield

9:45-10:30AM (between 8AM & 10:45 Masses)

Sunday October 16

Sunday November 13

Sunday December 11

Sunday January 8

Sunday February 12

Once a month 30 minute Google-Meet class

6:30-7:00 PM

(link will be on this page 

and e-mailed to those registered)

Wednesday October 26

Wednesday November 16

Wednesday December 14

Wednesday January 11

Wednesday February 15

Family GIFT Events at St. Thomas in Goshen:

Event #1 - October ALL SAINTS DAY PARTY

Event #2 - November MYSTERIES Party

Event #3 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS Pancake Breakfast and Games

Event #4 - LITURGICAL CALENDAR live game

Event #5 - February 26 PRAYER PUZZLE

Event #6 - March 26 ALL THINGS MARY

Event #7 - April 23 WRAP UP PARTY 



...Practice using the

hand movements.   

It will be easier to recall...


These books by Vinny Flynn really bring it all home. 

These tiny conversational chapters--and hearing him speak in Torrington--

changed the way I go to Mass.  Read bits and parts to the kids:

Kids understand more than we often give them credit for!

Christ the King.jpg
saints and.jpg
the year.jpg

Check out the book by Annemarie Thimons. a Catholic homeschooling Mom from New York, called What is the Eucharist? - It is part of the Curious.Little.Catholic.Series:

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