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so that those children readying for their first Penance and first Holy Communion can spend some time with Jesus in the Tabernacle (and we give Him flowers), have our lesson, and the children will be given a bag of that months' craft "ingredients" for the monthly crafts that will be listed on this website.

FALL 2021

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7 Virtues that conquer Sins


Humbleness conquers Pride

Know God Loves You

I won't brag about what I did--Jesus (and my parents) know what I've done well...and that's enough...

Kindness conquers Envy

Be Kind - Don't be Jealous

I'll be happy for others instead of wishing for something I don't have--I will shine God's love instead of reflect my own wants...

Diligence conquers Sloth

Do your best

Before I'm asked, I'll clean up...


Temporance conquers Gluttony

Take Only What You Need

I want to take the last cupcake but I've had a few and will save the biggest for Daddy...

Chastity conquers Lust

Say no to Desire

I want to eat all the candy

But I should keep the body God gave me healthy...

Generosity conquers Greed

Be Giving

It's boring visiting my old Aunts house...but I love her and making her happy while I'm there-pleases God.

Patience conquers Anger

Deal with Badness With Love

I'll remember to put other's first - and cheer up grouchy people with a smile and being thoughtful.



Singing the 10 Commandments song is a quick easy way to remember your you are preparing for Penance...or if you "freeze" and forget your sins when you're in Confession...

Remember there is SO much more to the 10 Commandments--we'll learn about the fullness of them in the older grades...


Oh My God

Church on Sunday

Mom and Daddy

Do Not Murder

Love My Marriage

# 7, Do Not Steal

Do Not Lie

Don't Be Jealous of the Others

Or Their Stuff

But Always Love, Always Love

God is Love



Do you put God First in your life?

Or video games, or sports...?

Oh My God

Did you say "Oh My God" casually?  Does the God of the universe deserve his name to be in a sentence about a You-tube "Oh my God, that one was SO funny!"  

Church on Sunday

Ask to Go to Mass to be with Jesus.

If your family has a reason for not taking you, God knows kids can't drive--so when that happens, you should spend some special time with God on Sunday...ask to watch Mass online, and pray - talk to Jesus - He loves you!

Mom and Daddy

Did you respect and obey your parents? ...Always...?

Do Not Murder

Did you hurt peoples' feelings?  Were you mean to someone or something?

Love My Marriage

Did you respect marriage by respecting your parents' relationship?  Be patient when they are having a conversation, or need some privacy...

#7 Do Not Steal

Did you ever take something that didn't belong to you?  I hope not.

Do Not Lie

Did you ever say something that's not true? ....Even when you were asked if you did a chore...?

Don't Be Jealous of the Others

Have you ever been jealous of someone?

Or Their Stuff

Have you ever been jealous that someone has something and you don't...?

But Always Love

Always Love

Have you loved as much as you could?

God is Love!

And always remember--no matter WHAT you've done, God Loves You more than anyone!   


Everyone EVERYONE sins.  Penance helps us keep the sin weeds  out of our life garden.   

Keep praying to the Holy Spirit.  He'll help you to remember your sins, and urge you to go to Confession...and fill you with the Graces and Love you need to do better and better every day.

The last month's crafts are more obvious than usual...  You may wish to spend some time printing out or drawing the mysteries of the Rosary... 


Now is the season to be Penitant...remember how the word Penance means feeling sorry for our sins and "doing something about it to fix it (like saying sorry - going to Confession - working to do only things that are pleasing to God...)        ...Well these 40 days before Easter that we call LENT - is a time to do those things BEFORE we sin--like give to the poor, pray for everyone (even those kids we don't think we like :)), give an extra call or draw an extra picture for someone in our life that might be lonely...   MAYBE bring your crafts to a local Nursing Home to cheer up some elderly people! --

There are 5 Mystery pages to color in your craft bag--but it would be much more fun to read about the Mystery history and draw your own!


Color the picture of the Rosary

--AS you say the prayers! 

It's a great way to

practice your prayers!!

Make this CHAPLET from the fuzzy wire and beads in your craft bag.  If you give it to a friend, you can both say an Our Father and ten Hail Mary's together for someone you love.  Remember YOU always have Rosary Beads with you --- your ten fingers!

Palm Sunday is in 5 weeks!!

Remember Jesus walked around telling everyone about Himself and God for three years - and the people who wanted to shush him and hang him on a cross - never did find him...   Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey - basically telling the bad guys Here I am!   All the people who already loved Him put palm branches - and even their coats--on the ground--kind of like a red carpet for movie stars....for Jesus to walk on.   This Palm Sunday, many of you are receiving your FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.  It's like you walking into Church saying Here I Am Jesus! :)   What a beautiful day that will be - I'm so excited for you!!  

Cut and paste things on to this to make it look like you!  There are little black pompoms in your bag to use as ashes :) !!  

As you sprinkle your "ashes" onto the glue on your head (on the picture!!), say what the priest says when he sprinkles ashes on your head for real on Ash Wednesday,..."Repent and Believe in the Gospel." "Amen."   

        To repent means to choose not to sin.

        Remember the Gospel is the first four books of the New Testament in the Bible.  They were written by the Apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  The Apostles were those twelve guys chosen by Jesus to walk around with him while he was on earth--they were the first priests.

Glorious Mysteries Printable.jpg
Joyful Mysteries Printable.jpg
Rosary printable.png
palm sunday craft.jpg
ash wednesday printable.jpg



Remember to practice using the hand movements.   It will be easier to recall...

Our_Father_Prayer (1).jpg
ash wednesday craft.jpg

These books by Vinny Flynn really bring it all home. 

These tiny conversational chapters--and hearing him speak in Torrington--

changed the way I go to Mass.  Read bits and parts to the kids:

Kids understand more than we often give them credit for!

saints and.jpg
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8 Ways Catholics Can Reclaim     *SAINT* Valentines Day




Lore tells us that pretzels are "a divine symbol of prayer and penance."  About 600 years after Christ died for our sins, Monks, during Lent, baked the first pretzels, at a monastery near the borders of southern France and northern Italy.  They called the pretzels pretiola or "little rewards."  Since the ingredients had no eggs, milk, or butter--which they were not allowed to eat during their Lenten fast, they were the perfect Lenten snack!  It is said that the shape of the pretzel was meant to mimic the crossed hands of a child in prayer, and of course was a great way to teach the Trinity with its three parts in one (like the Shamrock!).

The pretzel made its way through medieval Europe, and was popularized and secularized in Germany, even roped into wedding traditions--it's where the term "tying the knot" came from.

Pretzels were thought to bring good luck, prosperity, and spiritual wholeness.  Germans ate pretzels and hard-boiled eggs for dinner on Good Friday - a day of fasting before Easter.  The large puffy no-end-or-beginning knot of the pretzel symbolized everlasting life, and two hard-boiled eggs, nestled in each of the large round curves of the pretzel, represented Easter's rebirth.  In addition, German children would look for hidden pretzels throughout their parents' farms in places like straw lofts and barns--so kids had pretzel hunts before they had egg hunts!

St. Bartholomew, is seen in a prayer book in the year 1440 bordered by pictures of pretzels... and St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first native American (and fairly modern) saint, wote about pretzels as a reminder to us to be penitant and holy.  

Maybe pretzels would be a great snack to eat or bake before your first Penance!!  Crunch and pray!

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Every one receiving First Holy Communion

        should have one of these books.          If you don't have one,

  message us below.


So far we've covered:

--Getting a visual mental picture of Heaven/God/Catholicism/Trinity... 

--Acknowledging Jesus in the sanctuary and praying to him.

--Why it's such a blessing to have the opportunity to participate in Penance & Communion

--The 10 Commandments 

--the 10 Commandments Song (which we'll sing most every class)

--How to use the 10 Commandments song to help you remember your sins for Confession

--The Act of Contrition Song (which we'll sing most every class)

--When to say the Act of Contrition and how the hand-gestures in the song can help you remember it

--Miracles of Jesus

--Remembering WHY you're coming to these classes...You love Jesus, Jesus Loves YOU!

Have a relationship with Him--you can know Him AND love Him!

--That you can pray to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Our Holy Mother, Saints, and Angels --

   formally like with the prayers we're learning, or conversationally...

--Eucharistic Miracles (we recounted scientific proof throughout the world and the years, that the

                                          Eucharist is really Christ.)

--Secrets about the Eucharist (see Vinny Flynn's book 7 Secrets of the Eucharist)...

--Learning the Glory Be

--Learning the Hail Mary

--Hearing the Our Father

--Learning Secrets about Confession (see Vinny Flynn's book 7 Secrets of Confession)...

--Venial and Mortal sins...

--Virtues and Vices...

--The "mechanics" of Confession (where to go, kneel, what to say etc...)

--and so much more...


--Read through The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism book.  Everything your child will     need to know for their First Holy Communion (and life :)) is in there.

--Practice memorizing the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be,

   the Act of Contrition (practice using the song), & the 10 Commandments (from the song).

--Pray.  Bring the children to Mass.

--Check out the binder you received in class. (Message us below if you don't have one yet.)

--Do the MONTHLY CRAFTS - send me a picture of your child's craft if you'd like so I can post it on this site --or show it on Zoom or in class.  Remember, sending a picture with your child in it, is giving permission for it to be posted on this public site...names will not be used.

--Come to Class:


--Go to Adoration/Confession




--Go to Daily Mass when you can

--Enjoy exploring the Family Faith Fun Facts tab on this site

--Come to Faith Family Fun Facts Zooms

--Read the New Catholic Picture Bible (see below)

--Find some good Catholic books to read (see the above tab for parent resources).

I would suggest you purchase the book: New Catholic Picture Bible by Lovasik

I will be referring to this throughout class, and find it an invaluable tool that grows with children through about 6th grade...

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