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From the Ascension blog | How to Read Scripture: Wisdom from St. Augustine

Have you ever encountered a passage from the Bible that doesn't make sense?

Perhaps you come away feeling confused? You may even wonder how our good and loving God could be doing these things written about in Scripture.

You're not alone.

St. Augustine encountered these same difficulties when he began reading the Bible. 

So how did he overcome these challenges (and go on to become a great saint), and how can you emulate him? 

Read this article and find out for yourself.






Sunday, Jan 1

Solemnity of Mary Holy Mother of God


Today, following Jewish tradition of the 8th day after birth, Jesus was circumcised, and formally given his name. The bleeding demonstrated his humanity. It also showed his (and Mary and Joseph's) submission to Jewish law. It also marks the first time Jesus' blood was “spilled”--and so it's considered the beginning of the process of redemption for mankind. This was a special day for Mary as it exalts the special role she played in the mystery of salvation.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

-Go to Mass

-Read a book about Mary

-Say a Rosary

-Put roses for Mary, and lilly's for St. Joseph in a vase on the table for the day

-or have the children draw some.

-Europeans have a tradition of having a special dinner...

-A plenary indulgence is available for those who sing or recite the hymn “Veni Creator Spiritus” which means Come Holy Spirit Creator Blest, on this day. Perhaps look that up and sing it.

-Talk about how you came up with your children's names—when they first attended church...

-Think up your own tradition to celebrate this day


Wednesday Jan 4

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Feast Day

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, born in NY, went through truly hard times.  After her dear husband died, and she had a houseful of children to feed, she tried to open up a school.  People were thrilled to have her teach--until they found out she was Catholic.  Many pulled their children from the school and funding became scarce.  But God had her back.  She opened the first Catholic School in America and times got better. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton said "Do the will of God because He wills it..."  Basically, do the right thing because God says so--and for no other reason.  She reminds us "Our least action, when done for God is precious to Him." 

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

-Talk about St. Elizabeth Seton's family suffering, by fasting or eating small plain meals today.

-Display her quote in your home for the day: “Our least action, when done for God is precious to Him.”

-Quote her when you hug someone today - or give someone a smile... 

It's a small gesture, but it makes God smile right back at you. 

-Reference NY by eating New York style Pizza, NY Cheesecake, hot dogs from a food cart etc.

(any excuse for a fun way to bring up her story).

-Read a book or watch a video about her. 


Sunday Jan 8


This day ends the 12 days of Christmas... It Celebrates the Visit of the Three Kings.


--Host a Take Down the Christmas Decorations Party. Talk/Sing about the 12 Days of Christmas.

(remember how each of the 12 Days can be used to Catechise...1 God, 2 Testaments, 3 Trinity, 4 Gospels, 5 Pentateuch, 6 days of Creation before God rested, 7 Sacraments, 8 Beatitudes, 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit, 10 Commandments, 11faithful Apostles, 12 points in the Apostles Creed...


--Make a Kings Cake – its a round cake with a hole in the middle referencing a crown—it has gold and purple sugar on the top to signify royalty. The tradition is to hide a plastic baby Jesus into the cake. Whoever gets the piece with the baby in it...fill in your tradition (has to bake the cake next year/says the meal blessing/leads the Rosary...).


--Do an impromptu play where the kids dress up with capes and crowns and visit the Manger with gifts...


--Some families give gifts on this day...


--Shakespeares' Comedy 12th Night references this day (maybe read some Shakespeare...then talk about the Liturgical season...)


Mon Jan 9

Baptism of our Lord

--Bring out pics of family Baptisms...

--Say a Rosary and flick Holy Water on the Kids

--If it's a warm day, Get out the squirt guns and have fun...


Sunday Jan 15

Proclamation of the Kingdom

--Say a Luminous Rosary

--Talk about what a kingdom is, what Jesus said...

--Have the kids make a play “Kingdom” - sheets over the table/cardboard boxes...

-Watch a Jesus movie like “Road to Emmaus”

Saturday Jan 28

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas was a Priest, and one of the great philosophers and influential thinkers in our Church and in the World, and so we call him a Doctor of our Church. And just think, in school they nicknamed him the Dumb Ox because he was quiet - and they assumed he wasn't understanding the work.  Imagine their surprise when he turned in amazing essays!  Jesus appeared to him and said “You have spoken well of me, Thomas. What is your reward to be?” Thomas replied “Nothing but you Lord!”

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

-Play a game that requires strategy or thinking...tic tac toe/charades/board games...

-Do something “intellectual” as a family: Trip to the library, a Crossword Puzzle...

-Serve oxtail soup (referencing his nickname of Dumb Ox). Oxtail is really just a cows tail...when it's in soup you can't really tell what part it is... It's not important that you have an oxtail—just that the kids think it's something as weird as an oxtail :) ..make beef stew and call it oxtail. Dinner will be more fun...and you get to talk about St. Aquinas' story....

-Read or watch something about St. Aquinas

-Say a prayer as a family: St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us to receive the gifts of Wisdom and Understanding from the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Tuesday Jan 31

St. John Bosco

He's the Patron of schoolchildren and juvenile delinquents. God gave him a special dream when he was a child that he'd be a priest, and help kids... so when the circus came to his town, he saw how they entertained kids... He learned how to do tricks, which got the attention of the local boys—then he'd catechize them...

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--Older folk might remember Bosco chocolate sauce...if so, serve ice cream with chocolate sauce, talk about St. Bosco, and how he taught kids about God by first making it fun!


--Find on the internet how to juggle or do a few tricks. Learn as a family tonight. Talk about St. Bosco and God. Have fun.




Thursday Feb 2

The Presentation

Today is also known as Candlemas, and some churches will bless candles that you bring from home. Today is 40 days after Jesus' birth. It was Jewish tradition to bring your newborn to the Temple to be blessed, for the mother to do a ritual of purification—and to give an offering. In Luke 24 the holy family brought turtledoves – but those that could afford brought a lamb. 'Course we know that Jesus was the Lamb of God. Now Mary was sinless, so we know she didn't need a blessing of purification, and Jesus—well we know he didn't need to be blessed—but today represented the Holy Family following Sacred Tradition. Today recognizes the 4th Joyful Mystery.


--Say a Joyful Rosary


--Present flowers to Mary at a statue


--Go to Confession (purification)


--Bring in take-out food. Light a candle at the table, Say a prayer before the meal, the kids clean up afterward, then relax as a family... There is an old custom called “churching,” also known as “gander month”. It recognized the difficulty of childbirth, and gave new Mom's a month of rest where they did not have to attend Church—the community brought meals to the home, and chores were mainly taken care of by the family. Sounds like a great tradition to bring back :)!




Friday Feb 3

St. Blaise

He is the saint of throat ailments. He was a physician famous for miraculous cures on people and animals! While being walked to his martyr-death, for the “sin” of being Catholic, without even touching him, he cured a guy of choking on a fish bone.... Right after, St. Blaise was beheaded.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--Find a church where the priest blesses throats after Mass this day (or the closest Sunday after). Attend. Then sing all the way home in the car with your newly blessed throats :) .

--Have the kids wrap two candles in the shape of a V (like the priest does) and make believe they are blessing the families throats... talk about “what comes out of your mouth, matters...”

--Fish dinner anyone?



Saturday Feb 11

Miracle of Water to Wine

Today was Jesus' first Miracle. The Wedding, Jesus calling his mother “woman” like Adam did to Eve...this even parallells the creation story. Today Mary is shown to be the new Eve. Eve brought sin to the world, Mary presents the bridegroom, Jesus, to take away the sin of the world.

Today represents the 2nd Luminous Mystery.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

-Say a Luminous Rosary

-Grape Juice with dinner?


-Watch your or your parents wedding video...

-Go to confession


Tuesday Feb 14

St. Valentine Feast Day

St. Valentine believed in keeping love front and center in society, by helping couples marry during a time the government wanted men to be soldiers instead of husbands.  When he was in jail for the crimes of marrying people, and “being Catholic,” he was written to by a blind daughter of a friend. St. Valentine had been asked by her father to use his knowledge of herbs on the girls eyes to perhaps heal them. St. Valentine would write the girl back with words of hope and encouragement, and sign the letters “Your Valentine”.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--It's a great day to teach the 6th Commandment – all about Marriage etc.

--Reference I Corinthians 13 like "Faith, Hope, and Love...but the greatest of these is love"   

--Pray something like: St. Valentine, please pray that we have the courage you had, to always keep Faith Hope and Love in the center of our world too! Amen.

--Watch or read the real story of St. Valentine

--Type in Catholic St. Valentine Craft – pick one and make 'em as a family.

--Write/make Valentines for each other

--If you have a video of your wedding day – this might be a great night to watch it all together.

--Bake something in the shape of a heart while talking about St. Valentine.



Wednesday Feb 22

Ash Wednesday

Today starts off 40 days of Lent. It is not a Holy Day of Obligation, but remains one of the most attended Masses of the year. The priest rubs the ashes of last year's palms from Palm Sunday onto your forehead and usually says, from dust you came, from dust you will return. A fancy way of saying be humble-God made Adam from the dust of the earth...and when you die, you'll become dust: Be humble and focus yourself on the part that lives forever, your soul.


--Go to Mass

--Talk about Confession (or read about or watch a video on it...)

--Talk about/plan what your family will do for Lent.



MARCH 2023


Friday March 17

St. Patrick's Feast Day

St. Patrick was kidnapped from England at age 16, and brought to Ireland. He was made to tend sheep. Rather than give in to the sadness of not seeing his parents, he became closer to God in prayer. Six years later, God gave him a dream that helped him escape. He told his parents he wanted to become a priest, and return to the island of the Pagan Irish and teach them about God. So he did. He taught the Irish about the Trinity using a 3-leaf clover and so many converted to Catholicism that he is remembered for driving the snakes out of Ireland. Snakes of course referencing evil in the Adam and Eve story combined with the oddity that snakes do not naturally exist in Ireland.


-Read or watch the real story of St. Patrick

--Green anything (sprinkles on sandwiches to green long as the green was tied in with how he used green shamrock's, in a country so very full of green grassy landscape, to explain the Trinity to pagans (people who did not know or believe in God)...)

--Serve a rainbow of fruits with “gold”fish crackers at the end :) or anything Irish-ish that will lend itself to a discussion of St. Patrick and God...

--Type in Catholic St. Patrick craft – pick one and enjoy the process of learning about St. Patrick.

--Read one of the prayers St. Patrick wrote.

--Talk about bravery: and how Catholic's shouldn't be scared of anything because God is with us.


Monday March 20

St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Joseph must have been an amazing man for God to choose him as Jesus' Foster Father and the earthly husband of Mary. His patience and endless good qualities are there for men and boys to emulate.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--Use this day to enter discussions on what it means to be a good Catholic man.

--Perhaps let the males in the family cook today as they care for the family like Joseph did for Mary and Jesus.

--Place a picture of Mary and Joseph somewhere prominent today.

--Pray to St. Joseph as a family today. Look up or make up a prayer.


Saturday March 25

The Annunciation

The Angel Gabriel announced to Mary, God's intention—that she be the Mother of God.

Mary's yes, her “fiat,” changed the world. Today remembers The First Joyful Mystery.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--say a Joyful Rosary.


--”announce” all day – perhaps make megaphones out of paper “Will you come to breakfast?” Discuss: Will you give your “yes” (your “fiat”) like Mary?



All Throughout March is


Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday. It is not meant to be ignored—in fact as Catholics, we have an obligation to do some specific penances like not eating meat on Fridays... Use this season to draw the family close to Christ—a little more praying—a little more giving to charities and or helping others—a little more self-control or giving things up to put God first...Lent is an awesome opportunity to use as a re-set button to all the business of life. Sometimes we can focus on the drag of remembering to not eat meat or give up something... Instead, perhaps Celebrate the opportunity to re-set and re-order toward God.


No meat on Fridays

Adding extra penance and charity to life to honor/be grateful for Jesus' suffering before Easter.

That could look like:

volunteering at a charity (soup kitchen),

volunteering to a charity (bring spring cleaning items to a local charity),

helping others burdens (helping prepare an elderly neighbor's garden,

bringing flowers or children's drawings to a local nursing home),

fussing over and weeding a Mary statue in the neighborhood (perhaps in your own yard)...,

periodically reading something from the Bible or from those free Lent books church gives out,

or a Catholic storybook etc. to yourself or to your family (like once a day in the car on the way to school...)

giving up a sport or activity one day a week and switching that night to something like family pancake dinners ending in game night and bedtime storytime...

The opportunities are endless and are to be personal to your life – your relationship with God is personal—and will grow (or not) with how you choose to embrace the Lenten Season.



APRIL 2023




Sunday April 2

Palm Sunday

Until this point, Jesus remained “hidden” from the government that wished to kill him—remember after Christmas, the Holy Family went to Egypt instead of home to save Jesus' life...Evil always wished to kill Jesus... Echoing his birthday, riding into Bethlehem on a donkey, being born in a humble barn, Jesus rides into town on a humble donkey, basically saying to the evil government, “here I am.” He wasn't seized on the spot because the government saw how many people turned out for his arrival. People put their coats, and palm branches on the ground for the donkey to walk on—like a “red carpet” for the King.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--Go to Mass

--Read the Bible story of Palm Sunday

--Make crafts with palm leaves

--go horseback riding – talk about Jesus


Thursday April 6

Holy Thursday

Today was

The Institution of the Eucharist

The 5th Luminous Mystery

The last supper! This was the last time Jesus ate with the Apostles. This was the day he turned them into the first Priests! Jesus washed the feet of the Apostles. That wasn't just a humble gesture of “serving others”... The Apostles would have recognized that purification ritual as what is done to make a priest. Afterward at the meal, he holds up the bread and wine, to his new priests, and shows them what to do at Mass – Do this in Memory of Me! It was the first time in the Bible that Jesus asked us to do anything. He said when two or more of you are gathered in my name, I will be there—not do this and remember me, do this and I'll be there in spirit—in your hearts. He said He will be there. Believe that Jesus does exactly what he says he will do.


and The Agony

Holy Thursday night, after the last supper, he goes off to pray and prepare. He literally sweats blood. The part of Him that's human, is contemplating the enormity of what he is about to do. An angel comes to comfort Him. Tonight recognizes The 1st Sorrowful Mystery.


--Go to Mass

--Say a Luminous then a Sorrowful Rosary.




Friday April 7

Good Friday

Today Jesus suffers death on the Cross. But it's Good Friday because we know he doesn't remain dead. Yes Jesus is truly a man, but he is also fully God. There is so much to meditate on today. Many people take off work today to be home or in church to focus on the enormity of this day.


The Scourging

The Second Sorrowful Mystery

To win favor, Pontius Pilate had a tradition of letting one Jewish prisoner free on this day. He didn't want to kill Jesus, so he ordered him to be whipped mercilessly, thinking that would be enough punishment, and the Jews would choose him to go free after that. Afterward, with Jesus and the thief Barabbas presented, the crowd chose Barabbas to go free. Pontius Pilate washed his hands to show the crowd that they were killing Jesus, not him.


--Use Holy Water. Discuss its use with the family.


The Crowning

The 3rd Sorrowful Mystery

Beating up Jesus' Body wasn't enough—They had to humiliate him too. The soldiers put a crown of painful thorns on Jesus' head, and a cape around his whipped shoulders. Oh the pain our Lord endured.

The soldiers made fun of Jesus being called the King of the Jews. If only they knew.


--Talk about the 5th Commandment and how words and actions that “break someone's spirit” are a sin.


The Carrying of the Cross

The 4th Sorrowful Mystery

There are 14 moments, or Stations, of Jesus carrying the cross that we Contemplate. St. Francis started this tradition. They are pictured on the walls of every catholic church.

Jesus is condemned to death

Jesus Takes up His Cross

Jesus Falls for the First Time

Jesus Meets His Mother Mary

St. Simon helps Carry the Ctoss

St. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Jesus Falls for the Second Time

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Jesus Falls the Third Time

Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Jesus Dies on the Cross

Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

Jesus is Laid in the Tomb


--During Lent – and perhaps on this day – Walk the stations of the Cross at Church, or in the pages of a Book, or at Lourdes of Litchfield


The Crucifixion

The 5th Sorrowful Mystery

--Contemplate the enormity of God's Love for us. That He let part of Himself, His only son, suffer and die, so painfully, just so we wouldn't suffer the pain of sin. That's serious and complete love.


Sunday April 9


The Resurrection

Today is The First Glorious Mystery. Celebrate Jesus' conquering sin and death for all –His rising gloriously into Heaven. Contemplate the Trinity today—the mystery of God in three persons—ALL that Love from a God who made our Universe, our Selves, the Family of humanity and is all that love that ties everything together.


--eggs and the bursting of flowers and baby animals can only represent so about God today!!

--go to Mass :)!


Sunday April 16

St. Bernadette Souberous of Lourdes

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

St. Bernadette was a sickly child. Her family was very poor. As she gathered sticks for her family's fire, Mary appeared to her. Mary asked her to dig in a certain spot with her hands—a spring appeared. People still touch that water to be healed. Little by little people began to believe Bernadette was being visited by Mary... Mary asked her to invite everyone on a certain day. The entire crowd of thousands, even those who were not Catholic, witnessed the sun dancing in the clouds this day.


-Read or watch the history of Lourdes


--Prayer, God's Love, like a spring waiting to be tapped, the Lord waits for us to find Him...this is only a fraction of the message of Lourdes...


-Visit Lourdes of Litchfield – gather sticks around the stream like St. Bernadette did. Use them to make a fireside moment at your home—even if the sticks get made into a firepit craft and you all make believe you are toasting marshmallows that get put into cocoa... The point is to remember Lourdes—pass on the facts of the event—celebrate Mary's part in the Lord's plan.


MAY 2023


Monday May 1

St. Joseph the Worker

March 20th we celebrated St. Joseph as Mary's spouse, today we celebrate St. Joseph as the Worker. A Carpenter, he is often depicted with tools in his hand. Today celebrate men like St. Joseph, who work hard to provide for their families—for what they teach their families. Today is about St. Joseph—not discussions on equality :).

--Picture Jesus learning his father's trade. Jesus might have stood a certain way, held a hammer a certain way, or laughed a certain way because of emulating Joseph. Play Charades or Simon Says.

--Consider how all men might benefit from emulating might be a catalyst for a discussion of “what do you want to be when you grow up”.

--Today a bag or lunchbox lunch might be fun – maybe fill lunchboxes for dinner and eat at a park – talk about cutting down trees to make wood for furniture etc.

--Bring snacks to the Firehouse, your mechanic, your Dad at work, your Priest, etc. and wish them a Blessed St. Joseph the Worker day...


Saturday May 13

Our Lady of Fatima


Sunday May 14th

Secular Mother's Day

Perhaps combine the weekend's celebration with Our Lady of Fatima

Perhaps embrace this day as referencing the 4th Commandment, Honor thy Parents...


Thursday May 18 (celebrated this Sunday the 21st)


Sunday May 21


The Ascension


Second Glorious Mystery


Sunday May 28

Pentecost Sunday

Third Glorious Mystery





Tuesday May 30

St. Joan of Arc

At age 13, St. Joan of Arc had visions of St. Michael and other saints. God told her to lead the French army to victory over England. There was an old legend in France that a young girl would one day do this – so when Joan went to the king—he let her. But the Catholic English brought her to trial on the matter of Catholic France fighting them... Her simple 19-year-old wisdom astounded the court at her trial. St. Joan of Arc was known to say "Jesus and the Church - Don't Complicate the Matter.” They wound up convicting her for the crime of something just not done in those days - dressing “like a man” (a soldier). While a priest held up a crucifix at her request, where she could see it while she suffered, she was burned at the stake. Her body was burned twice again, then thrown into the river so no relics could exist.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--Don't complicate celebrating her day :).

--Enjoy simplicity—stand in your own garden and say a prayer as a family.

--Park in front of a Mary statue and say a prayer as a family

then eat a simple snack in the car on the way home–while chatting about St. Joan, bravery, and doing God's will no matter what the cost.

--Pray something like: St. Joan of Arc, Thank you for making us see how simple life is when we put God first, and think simply.

--Wear pants (she was convicted for dressing like a man).

--Serve Croque Madam (translated crispy lady)– It's a simple grilled ham and cheese with a fried egg on top...but perfect to start a discussion about Joan of Arc.



Wednesday May 31

The Visitation

Second Joyful Mystery


June 2023


Sunday June 4

The Most Holy Trinity


Sunday June 11

Corpus Christi (The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ)

Seek out a church doing a Corpus Christi Procession (a parade through the streets holding the Eucharist up in a Monstrance).


Tuesday June 13

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony was a Priest and Doctor of the Church nicknamed the Hammer of Heretics. St. Anthony was a brilliant speaker...and he knew St. Francis! A new guy becoming a priest decided to quit-and take a book with him. Books were super precious in those days, and it happened to be the book St. Anthony used for notes to preach with. Rather than getting the guy arrested, St. Anthony prayed the book would be returned. It was – along with the guy who actually did stay and become a priest. Now we pray to St. Anthony for lost things. There is a legend that the young child Jesus appeared to St. Anthony near the end of his life – so St. Anthony is often depicted holding the child Jesus. St. Anthony of Padua reminded us that "Actions speak louder than words."


--Play hide and seek or a hunt with any household items. You might say: “Tony, Tony, look around, something's lost and can't be found.” then look for the item.

--Have a “St. Anthony box” that you put the kids items in that are found around the house where they don't belong. When a child asks if you've seen an item, ask them if they've prayed to St Anthony... Then have the item appear on the table that day... Insert a discussion about St. Anthony and prayer...

(An interesting way to say take care of your toys in an actions speak louder than words way).


--Play charades (actions speak louder than words).


--St. Anthony died from long exposure to rye bread that had a fungus—a condition called ergotism that doesn't exist today. Bravely eating rye bread today is a good way to spark a family discussion about St. Anthony.


Sunday June 18

Secular Father's Day

Perhaps use this as an opportunity to embrace the 4th Commandment (honor thy Father and Mother...)

Perhaps also reference or celebrate all the fathers listed in June on the Liturgical calendar and maybe even Jesus' foster-father, St. Joseph...





Thursday June 22

St Thomas More

St. Thomas More educated his daughters during a time when girls were not.  He credited his daughters when others read their brilliant works. He was brave for doing so, but his God-centered opinions weren't always well received. Thomas More disagreed with the king by putting God first--so the king ordered his head chopped off.  He has been widely remembered as a man of tremendous integrity, and a martyr. As he was getting placed to chop off his head, he said calmly “I know what you have accused me of, but my beard has done nothing wrong” and they let him move his beard so it was intact afterward. As they did with many others, they put his head on a spike at London bridge. They sent his body to his daughter to bury.


--Make up a "making good God-centered choices" game...

--Serve pink food today in honor of how well he raised and respected his daughters.

--Make fake beards as crafts.

--Brag about the good qualities of St. Thomas More, and the family he raised.




JULY 2023


Tuesday July 4

Secular Independence Day

Perhaps pray for our Country.


Thursday July 6

St. Maria Goretti

St. Maria is one of the youngest saints to be canonized. At 12 years old, she was attacked and stabbed. She underwent surgery without anesthesia, and died the next day, saying that she forgave her attacker, as she clutched a crucifix and was looking at a picture of the Virgin Mary. Her 18 year old assailant went to prison in Italy for 30 years. In prison he had a dream that Maria appeared to him, and gave him lily's. They left burns on his hands. He reformed himself and when he left prison, he went to Maria's mother to apologize. Her mother said if Maria could forgive him, she would too. In 1950, Maria was declared a saint – her assailant was in the crowd at St. Peters to celebrate her. He worked as a receptionist and gardener at a Capuchin monastery the rest of his life. St. Maria Goretti reminds us of the power of purity, the power of restraint, and the power of forgiveness.

Ideas to recognize/celebrate the day:

--Make something with white chocolate chips or eat white chocolate

--Talk about forgiveness (play would you forgive me if...)




Friday July 14

St. Kateri Tekakwitha

St. Kateri was the daughter of a Mohawk chief in what is now New York. Her father did not wish Kateri to become a Christian. According to the Jesuit missionaries that served the community where Kateri lived, she often fasted and when she would eat, she would taint her food to diminish its flavor.  She would make rosaries on the forest floor using rocks and sticks...Smallpox left her face with scars. 15 minutes after she died, her face began to glow and her scars disappeared. She is known as the Lily of the Mohawks.


--Discuss: When you suffer, do you offer it up to God?  How lucky we are to have a room full of friends and family...and candy. 


--Like a saint always thinking of others, decorate something with cereal and or seeds, and leave it outside for the birds.


--Look up American Indian Food and make a new recipe. One is: bring real maple syrup to a boil. Crush ice cubes in the blender, and pour the crushed ice into bowls. Pour the maple syrup over the “snow”. It becomes like a taffy, and can be rolled onto a stick to enjoy like a lollipop.


Wednesday July 26

Sts. Joachim and Anne

Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus' Grandparents, and St. Anne is the Patron saint of lacemakers.


--Do something with grandparents.

If there are no grandparents – consider calling a nursing home, senior center, or Knights of Columbus for ideas.


--Reference lace by making lace cookies (internet has recipes).







Sunday August 6

The Transfiguration of the Lord

4th Luminous Mystery


Tuesday August 8

St. Dominic


Mother Mary gave the Rosary to St. Dominic, along with 15 promises to those who say the Rosary.

St. Dominic formed an order, now called the Dominicans. He combated heresy, and routinely would deny himself every comfort and give to the poor.


--Skittles/M&M's/tiny marshmallows/grapes: With every one you take, say a Hail Mary.  Eat ten and you'll have said a Decade :) !


--The internet has endless places to show you how to pray the Rosary. Start with just a decade.

To help younger kids, they make lego rosaries etc. or have a basket of blocks or click-together-type toys available.


--Print out (or buy a book with) all the pictures of the Rosary. Sit with the kids to talk about each of the pictures. It's easier to concentrate on the Mysteries, if beforehand you really know what they are..


--Read the 15 Promises made to St. Dominic by Mother Mary.


Tuesday August 15

The Assumption


Fourth Glorious Mystery




Friday August 18

St. Helen

St. Helen had such a strong pull to find Jesus' true cross.  But when she had some workers dig it up, they of course found three.  How would she know which one was the one Jesus died on?  She had all three crosses brought to a sick child in town.  When the girl touched the third cross, she was healed.  That was Jesus' cross! 


--Which one of your (choose a food) is the sweetest?  Test them :) !

--play the shell game.

--Have you ever had a “pull” to do something?

– Push three crosses into a baked good – the person who gets “that” piece gets to do something special...

--Visit someone sick and tell them about St. Helen.


Tuesday August 22

The Coronation

The Queenship of the
Blessed Virgin Mary


Fifth Glorious Mystery



Monday August 28

St. Augustine


Bishop and Doctor of the Church


Tuesday, August 29

The Passion of St. John the Baptist






Friday September 8

Mary's Birthday


Saturday September 23

St. Padre Pio


Friday September 29

Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael







Sunday October 1

St. Terese of Lisieux


Monday October 2

The Holy Guardian Angels


Wednesday October 4

St. Francis of Assisi


Sunday October 22

Pope St. John Paul II


Tuesday October 31


The Eve (Vigil) of All Saints Day






Wednesday November 1

All Saints Day

Holy Day of Obligation


Thursday November 2

All Souls Day


Friday November 3

St. Martin de Porres


Sunday November 26

Christ the King Day

Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe


Tuesday November 28

St. Catherine Laboure






Friday December 8

The Immaculate Conception


The immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Saturday December 9

St. Juan Diego


Tuesday December 12

Our Lady of Guadalupe


Monday December 25

The Nativity of the Lord



Third Joyful Mystery

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